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Products & Services

With AGENDO you can order consumables and services using our intuitive interface. Spend less time and effort keeping track of your facility or laboratory orders using our comprehensive workflow to manage requisitions.

Organisational Tools

Whether you request fly food or a complex proteomics experiment, there is always a solution for you. Moreover, as tasks can be linked, it can also work as a simple project management tool. This link can have a functional role, such as biosafety assessment, ethics assessment, etc.

Optimise Your Time

Centralise all Services communications in a single channel and structure the information you provide to avoid bouncing questions.
Our requests system is scalable: start small and improve as you go. You can also automate requests to be issued repeatedly.

Full Transparency

Follow the status of your experiments, either based on fixed workflow or on configurable milestones. Communicate with users whenever needed about the specificities of your request, and add or remove task intervenients at any time. Users can also learn from the beginning how much the service is going to cost.

All Things Configurable

All features can be configurated by the managers. Either to display or hide options, to edit or share requests with other users - anything you need to meet your demands, Agendo finds you a way to do it.
If not, contact AGENDO support and we will make it happen!


Rua Fialho de Almeida
N14 - 2 esq esc F2
1070-129 Lisboa, Portugal

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