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Data Management

Findable. Accessible. Interoperable. Reusable. Follow FAIR data principles through a comprehensive data management workflow. Raw data is unambiguously linked to instrumentexperimental settings.

Information univocally linked

Data and metadata are univocally linked from experimental design to long term storage, thus avoiding lost information and improving reproducibility.
You can link financial accounts to data management plans, so it becomes transparent to the user: the only thing the user needs to care about is to select the proper financial account.

Metadata on FAIR principles

It is important that during and after the project completion, data remains findable, accessible, and enhanced with metadata for scientists to be able to re-use past experiments. This will also allow to improve data reproducibility, which represents a major hurdle to the progress of science. When linked to Nextcloud, most of these hurdles are overcomed.

Data Management Plans

Data management plans (DMP) are obligatory to all major funding agencies. With Agendo, you can link those granted projects with a predifined and configurable DMP. Hence, whether a user books a microscope or requests a NGS service, compliance is guaranteed. Given that DMPs can change with time, versions are saved together with data and metadata, bringing consistency to the process.

Data storage and workflow

Our system is compatible with webdav for remotely save metadata and small amounts of data, that can be either on premises or hosted by us. To transfer large amount of data, we use standard file transfer mechanisms. Our approach is to use a custom small NAS attached to each equipment producing large amount of data, such as NGS or imaging, acting as an interface to generic storage.


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