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Resource Booking

AGENDO offers a comprehensive resource scheduling with intuitive interface and color-coded booking status. It includes waiting lists, booking reminders and real-time usage tracking with automatic booking confirmations.

Several Booking Options

Whether you'd like to have real usage tracking, admin booking confirmation or regular booking, AGENDO provides you the tools you need. Further, entries can be transferred, released, deleted, subscribed or with waiting lists, so that no intervention from managers is required. 

Easy and Simple to Use

Make a booking with two clicks: just by drag and drop the schedule at your choosing. You can do it either in a desktop or in a touch interface. Calendars can be grouped functionally-wise, so that alternative resources' availability are easily reached.

Optimize Resource Usage

When set with real usage tracking, watch in the calendar booking and usage mismatch. Using this strategy, you drastically decrease usage without booking during weekends and post working hours, avoiding equipment misusage and increasing revenues.

Collecting Metadata

Configure booking metadata with relevant information for users to reproduce their experiments. You can also link a Note or SOP to your booking slot. Together with our data management, it provides a powerful mechanism to keep your data organised.


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